Monday, January 10, 2011

time is ticking.

There are only 304 days left till my wedding, gasp!
I can be the most un organised person sometimes, so even this great length of time scares me.
I've been having dreams about the day of the wedding day only it goes ahead only with what I've organised so far, and as un likely as the occurrence will be, it still leaves me waking up stressing.

There are a few things I am sure of though.
I've picked my colour combination - a little advice for anyone planning a wedding - always pick three colours.
Two mains and a highlight. It will give the over all look a lot of depth and distinctiveness.
Here are my choices:
My first choice was blue, and instead of combining it with harsh black I chose a softer grey, teamed with highlights of orange - I'm in heaven!

Another thing I'm head over heels for is mis matched bridesmaid dresses.
I've had a crush on this photo since I got engaged some 2 years ago.
I love how the fabric is all the same colour, yet the designs are different, different hair styles, different accessories...this is exactly what I want.
I've seen mismatched bridesmaid dresses become more popular over time, which is never a bad thing when searching for inspiration.

(I wish I could have our colour combo including purple - It's my fiancee's favourite colour)

(stockings - CUTE)

can't wait to take one of these shots !



  1. hi!
    I found your blog today and well all the wedding talk just makes me smile. I married in Oct of 2010 and weddings are still making me smile. congrats!

  2. ohh, hearing about other peoples weddings makes me smile and get so excited.
    congrats XO