Sunday, January 16, 2011


Oh dear, finally I've made it back to the online world.
Sorry I've been so distant, It's been crazy busy around my place.
On the up side I've been setting up the business and did a big shop for vintage items a few days ago, it's been a long time since I've gone hunting for vintage fabrics, it was super fun and super rewarding...I can't wait to show you all what I've created.

Something you may not know about me is last year I won a pin up competition, I get to be the face of Bexterity Pin up Photography for a year, lucky me!
It is so much fun, I help with taking photos for the website, going to markets and events and chatting to clients, and promoting whenever I can.
Bexterity is by far the best Pin up Photographer in all of Australia, the extent of costumes, scenes and ideas that come out of that place is amazing! The photos are very professional and the over all experience is super fun and rewarding!
The shoots are the most fun, here are a few of my favourite shoots.

(the next three are from a "Green, Gorey and Gorgeous" theme I did, I got painted up half day of the dead, half pin up perfection...One of my all time favourite scenes) 

If you live in Australia, specifically Sydney, you should definitely consider having a shoot done, 
Bex does tours to Brisbane and Melbourne every year as well, So you don't have to miss out!
There are so many other gorgeous girls on her website, have a look :)

Lots of love, Miss Lauren Belle XOX

Monday, January 10, 2011

time is ticking.

There are only 304 days left till my wedding, gasp!
I can be the most un organised person sometimes, so even this great length of time scares me.
I've been having dreams about the day of the wedding day only it goes ahead only with what I've organised so far, and as un likely as the occurrence will be, it still leaves me waking up stressing.

There are a few things I am sure of though.
I've picked my colour combination - a little advice for anyone planning a wedding - always pick three colours.
Two mains and a highlight. It will give the over all look a lot of depth and distinctiveness.
Here are my choices:
My first choice was blue, and instead of combining it with harsh black I chose a softer grey, teamed with highlights of orange - I'm in heaven!

Another thing I'm head over heels for is mis matched bridesmaid dresses.
I've had a crush on this photo since I got engaged some 2 years ago.
I love how the fabric is all the same colour, yet the designs are different, different hair styles, different accessories...this is exactly what I want.
I've seen mismatched bridesmaid dresses become more popular over time, which is never a bad thing when searching for inspiration.

(I wish I could have our colour combo including purple - It's my fiancee's favourite colour)

(stockings - CUTE)

can't wait to take one of these shots !


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Project Restyle Week 1.

This year has gotten off to a good start!
Good times with good friends, relaxing with my favourite book and I've been super productive.
Here's my first project restyle piece. 



There is a super cute Anglicare warehouse in Summer Hill, NSW that lets you buy second hand clothing in bulk. But they also have pre packaged goodies such as huge bags of doilies, lace, crochet items...and that's where I found the gorgeous crochet flowers, I've been meaning to turn them into something pretty for months. I'm pretty happy with my little crochet wreath.

If you don't know about Project Restyle, Visit the link:

If you're apart of Project Restyle I'd love to see the things you've come up with
LOVE miss lauren belle xx

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


exciting news, 
Tonight I'm registering my new business name. I had one I was kind of using for a while, but I hadn't quite fallen in love with it. 
Now, i'm completely in love and ready to roll!
First step is my online store. I'm planning to launch late January, Online shopping is one of my favourite pastimes, it's so comfortable and easy.

My online store will be the perfect blend of vintage, kitsch, edge, feminine, modern, DIY, home wares, beautiful artworks and delicious must have pieces.

I want to showcase beautiful original designers, vintage pieces, handmade precious items and eventually my own creations.
Here are some things inspiring me right now...

peace xx

Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm taking the plunge and have decided to get the tattoos on my feet removed.
2 years ago when I got them they fit my personality perfectly, now not so much.
That's the problem with delving into tattoos without much thought, the other 5 I have I adore, but I just can't come to terms with the ones on my feet anymore.
I've been drooling over cute feet tattoos all week.

These are all done by an Australian artist Mimsy - she owns a super cute tattoo studio called "Trailor Trash" and it's all set up in a pastel pink caravan!

I'm planning on getting her to re-do my feet tattoos with some super gorgeous, and hopefully something I'll adore.

These are my little feet, one side is tattooed with "amore" - Italian word for love, my fiance and I got them done one rainy and spontaneous day, alas after I chose the font and was half way through the tattoo I was told it was the Harry Potter font...doh!
the other side is a venus fly trap, which I do love in many ways, but I'm growing apart from it and have been for years. It's time for a change.

Has anyone ever has laser removal before? I'm a little nervous.
Please share any advice with me.

Happy New Year
Miss Lauren Belle

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Only hours left till we put a lid on 2010 and never talk about it again.
This year has been challenging, not only for myself but for so many of my loved ones.
Everyone I seem to talk to has confirmed a curse on 2010, so never have I been more excited to be cheering in the new year.

2011 is going to be the year of all years, and to make sure it is I'm signing myself up for yet another project to ensure I'm kept as busy (and sleepless) as possible.
(if you don't know anything about project restyle i suggest you investigate)

I'm so excited to be apart of this, not only will it be amazing fun, but it will keep me busy and away from my horrible old friend 'procrastination'

happy new year.
may all your dreams come true.

miss lauren belle

Sunday, December 19, 2010

making a list. checking it twice.

Today was what you call a 'not so good day'
I am suffering from one of my famous migraines, no amount of water or nurofen plus can save me from one, so the best thing for me to do was pack up shop and head home.

Now curled up in bed with my cat, something else strikes my mind, the thought of being at home and being unproductive. I can't let another day go by, another excuse slip my mind, I have so start somewhere, and that somewhere is my inevitable list.

Now some things might be a tad cliche, but they are just as important as the next point.
I have some big tasks on there, but after reading a life changing book called 
"there are two times in life, now and too late"
I have taken on the title quite literally.
Everyone is guilty of a little bit of procrastination, but I'm at the ripe age to really make big changes in my life. I've studied at college, worked full-time, part-time, in all different jobs.
Now it's time to scoop up my gooey premature creations that currently reside in the back of my brain, nurture them, and bring them to life.
(let's see how many I can tick off by next year)

and to leave you with a last thought, here are some beautiful blogs that inspire me and give me strength to really have a crack at that list.

Much Love,
Miss Lauren Belle xox