Sunday, December 19, 2010

making a list. checking it twice.

Today was what you call a 'not so good day'
I am suffering from one of my famous migraines, no amount of water or nurofen plus can save me from one, so the best thing for me to do was pack up shop and head home.

Now curled up in bed with my cat, something else strikes my mind, the thought of being at home and being unproductive. I can't let another day go by, another excuse slip my mind, I have so start somewhere, and that somewhere is my inevitable list.

Now some things might be a tad cliche, but they are just as important as the next point.
I have some big tasks on there, but after reading a life changing book called 
"there are two times in life, now and too late"
I have taken on the title quite literally.
Everyone is guilty of a little bit of procrastination, but I'm at the ripe age to really make big changes in my life. I've studied at college, worked full-time, part-time, in all different jobs.
Now it's time to scoop up my gooey premature creations that currently reside in the back of my brain, nurture them, and bring them to life.
(let's see how many I can tick off by next year)

and to leave you with a last thought, here are some beautiful blogs that inspire me and give me strength to really have a crack at that list.

Much Love,
Miss Lauren Belle xox

1 comment:

  1. Awh sweets I hope you feel better :(

    Have you tried Panadeine? Or migraine specific medication?

    - Sam