Tuesday, November 30, 2010

first things first.

Allow me to introduce myself,
I'm Miss Lauren Belle, soon to be Mrs, less than 365 days till I walk down the aisle.
I'm 21 and the proud parent to a mischievous cat.
I have my head in the clouds with dreams of fashion designing, and since 2011 is going to be a huge year for change, I'm ditching my old friend procrastination and finally doing something about all the creative ideas that are oozing out of my head.

With only a few weeks left of 2010, I'm starting my new years resolution now.
"I will be more productive"

What new years resolutions are you planning on making this year?

The start of my blog is my first step into my new years resolution.
This blog will be an explosion of my wedding planning ideas, my fashion designing ideas and the general goings on of my cat-like mind.

It was lovely to meet you, I can't wait to get to know you.

Miss Lauren Belle

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